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Kedarkantha Trek


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How is the Kedarkantha trek & whats the best time for doing it? I was told that its a great winter trek with a very  unique descent. What is the difficulty level of it & whats the maximum age limit for it if a person is not suffering from any major ailment & is not overweight?

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Hi Sanjiv

Kedarkantha is one of the most popular treks of our country. It has beautiful forest section and a rewarding summit climb.

Most people misunderstand Kedarnatha trek to be done in winters only. But the trek is equally beautiful in spring and summer seasons as well. It depends if you want to experience snow (winter), colours (spring) or clearer views (summer). You can go through the trek in detail from here: https://indiahikes.com/kedarkantha-trek

Kedarkantha is a very good trek if you are a beginner. But it requires certain level of fitness for you to enjoy the trek. The best way to become fit is to run consistently, for atleast a month before the trek.

We have put together a schedule for our trekkers to follow to become trek fit:


Coming to age, we have had 60 year old trekkers successfully trekking Kedarkantha. Again, as long as you are fit, age should not come in the way of trekking.






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