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Why is January my favourite winter month

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January is my favourite month of winter season. It's surprising for people, because there's a general notion that December is the best month to experience winters. 

But let me burst this bubble and take you to January winter wonderland.  


One thing which we want to experience on a winter trek is snowfall, and we think December is the month but it's actually January. Jan gives more probability to experience snowfall.


There's way less croud on trails in January. So you have the whole place for yourself. 

- Less people also means less noise on trail. So one can actually enjoy the magical forest walks. 

I can't describe the feeling of walking in between the forest, where all the trees were covered with snow and in between when the sunlight falls on them, the whole forest just shines like gold. 


Because of more snow in January, it opens the possibility to do snow slides. Now who would not want to be a child and slide down from the summit. 


January offers most beautiful sunrise and sunsets.


I've seen the most beautiful alpenglow in January. The mountain just turned from white to pink to red and light purple. 


Ah! There's so much goodness of trekking in January as compared to December. I can just go on and on talking about all the best possibilities of trekking in Jan. 

So if you get a chance go experience winters in Jan this time and I can bet you'll have the most magical trekking experience 🙂


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