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What are some of the alternatives to packaged food that I can carry on my trek?

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I always carry dry fruits on my trek. You could also carry ready to eat home made snack options like murmura, soft channa dal {or roasted channa}, poha mixed with gud which are more healthy options. Or make your own bhelpuri with selected veggies for a day's trek. 


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There are 3 options according to which you can carry food or edibles, but in all these options one must carry below things:

ORS powder (which you can mix with water and have) (Enerzal powder i personally use), Energy or protein bars, dry fruits or nuts, few lemons)

Option 1 - if you are going with trekking guide or agency, check if they provide meals. Usually they do so in that case you need not to worry about food.

Option 2 - if meal is not provided or no possibility of getting en route and you are not carrying a camping cooking kit. Pack additional energy or protein bars, dry fruits and nuts, Farsan food items. 

Option 3 - if you are carrying a camping cooking kit, then according to portion carry ready to made food packs like khichdi, soups, instant noodles cups(few), oats or muesli for breakfast.

Note: 1. do not carry too much of food also as it will make your pack heavy, and you might end up eating a lot.. which is not recommended while Trekking. One should eat in small quantity to avoid any discomfort.

2. Avoid carrying spicy food items and even don't eat too much biscuits as it may cause acidity (will personally not recommend carrying biscuits) you can carry some light healthy cookies. 

3. Do not litter the food packaging (carry portable plastic garbage bag to collect your litters in that and dispose the same once your are back at base and avoiding having leftovers. 

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On 10/1/2022 at 8:54 AM, Shivani Kulkarni said:

I'm planning to go on a short day hike with my friends and we are thinking of carrying our own food. The easy options that came to my mind are biscuits, cookies and energy bars. Can someone please suggest me some home-made alternatives to these foods as we want to avoid buying anything that comes in a packet.

Hi Shivani,

For day-hikes, I recommend carrying some fruits, especially if you are into eating healthier forms of sugar. If it's a multi-day hike, dry-fruits are great, because they pack great energy for their weight. 

Also, in the longer-term, for meals on a very long day hike, or multi-day hikes, I recommend you explore carrying  freeze-dried food packets . This is basically food with its water-content removed, sealed and vaccum-packed. The advantage is that, 500g of a regular dish only weighs 100g when freeze-dried. The food is easily reconstituted by adding some boiling water. These come in handy, if there are no refuges/tea-stays/mountain-huts on your trek route. 

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