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Uttarkhand Treks during Autumn Season (Oct, Nov)?


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Im planning to make a trekking trip in Uttarkhand by mid november. I have just 5days. Could anyone suggest the best option to me other than Kauri pass trek.

How is the Panwal Kantha trk in mid Nov?

They mentioned  Goechala pass trek(sikkim) in the webinar.

I guess its not an easy trek

Anyone here who could share their experiences/thoughts?



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3 hours ago, Asdulla said:

You can try Phulara Rridge Trek, it unique one.

I can give you a reference of a small group that is going there in mid November.

Hi Asdulla!

  Thank you for the heads up . That would be wonderful.  Could you share their contact details. Much appreciated! Thanks again

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Hi Nandu

If you are planning for treks during November, you have plenty of options to select from.

Autumn season is one of my favorite seasons to trek.
The clear skies and the colors are something to experience and hard to describe.

Go through this article on the treks that are good to do in Autumn - https://indiahikes.com/best-autumn-treks-october-november

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Hey, I’m very new to trekking and I want to sign up for a trek in late October and early November this year. It’s too soon and I’ve got no time to plan either, just last moment everything. So I want recommendations on what trek to book, some good travel agency, and what all I need to carry for the trek.

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