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Trek for kids

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  • Indiahikes Admin changed the title to Introducing my 14 year old daughter to a trek

Personally, I would suggest starting with day hikes around where you live :) that's how I got my family introduced to trekking. Once she's comfortable with that, I'd recommend starting with an easier trek like Dayara Bugyal. The wonder and joy of discovery has to be greater than the effort, at least in the beginning! 

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How nice that you would like to take your daughter trekking. 14 is a good age to start exposing them to Himalayan treks. In fact, you can take them on Himalayan treks as early as when they're 8-10 years old. 

This list of treks (and the video in the article) will  help you choose a trek and plan it properly - https://indiahikes.com/best-himalayan-treks-for-children 

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Hi Shruti

It's so nice to see you introducing your son to trekking at such young age 🙂

You can take your child to day treks around your city first. That will give him an idea about trekking, and you will also know how it is to trek with your son.

For a Himalayan trek, I suggest Benog Tibba Trek: Benog Trek 2022 - Weekend Treks In Uttarakhand - Indiahikes. This 2-day trek will be a good introduction to a Himalayan trek and will a beautiful camping experience to your family.

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